Once you make the decision to implement a new POS and business management system, planning your installation it vital. A well planned project minimizes the likelihood of the project becoming a chaotic process and reduces the level of stress among owners and staff. Time needs to be allocated for defining your inventory items and preparing them in such a way that makes them ready for entry into the inventory management system. Customers, suppliers, and accounting requirements also need to be considered.

Our support team guides you every step of the way, making sure the system is properly configured in configuration mode before making a successful transition into live operating mode. RedTail is shipped with a Getting Started wizard that assists in making sure that all requirements for proper operation are met prior to your launch.

Planning Guidelines:

  • Determine the staffing levels you will require to collect the data for entry into RedTail
  • Establish a timeline for getting the system physically installed at your location
  • Establish a timeline for data entry
  • Determine what data export options are available in your current system
    • Many system have export utilities to move data out into CSV or Excel formats
  • Determine manual entry requirements
  • Consider a tentative "Go Live" date
  • Create your list of users (employees) in RedTail
  • Create your stations for use in RedTail
  • Configure your station settings
  • Configure your system wide defaults
  • Configure your security settings
  • Set time for staff training
  • Set your starting invoice number
  • Set system to live operating mode
  • Launch in live operating mode
    • Consider whether or not you require a RedTail support representative to be available on your launch date


Contact a RedTail sales representative to plan your install.