Selling Online


Selling Online With RedTail

Transform Your Business:

Selling online comes with its challenges. Many SMEs lack the in house expertise for developing a clear strategy for selling online. Technical requirements can be daunting and traditional outsourcing can be cost prohibitive. RedTail SecurePay is our online platform for online selling that truly transforms your business. provides seamless integration to your brick and mortar or home based business operation. You can link to your own website or we can issue you a secure URL.

Operational Efficiency:

There is no need to check email or monitor a site for incoming orders. Online orders arrive directly into your RedTail POS selling screen in a matter of minutes. An audio alert coupled with a highly visible notification enables users to fulfill online orders just like any other order. Without any reliance on additional technology providers, expanding your reach to new markets and customers has never been easier.

Key Features:

  • Automated Email Notification Upon Receipt of Order via Website or
  • Automated Email Notification Upon Order Acknowledgement by Store User
  • Seamless Integration into RedTail POS Order/Selling Screen
  • Audio Alert of Online Order
  • User Notification of Online Order
  • Configurable Pay Online or Pay in Store Options
  • Automatic Order Settlement to Invoice/Receipt
  • Automatic Printing Option for Incoming Order
  • Automatic Recording of Online Sales and Taxes on End of Shift Close Report (SRead)


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