General Ledger

Bank Reconciliation

General Ledger

Spend more time on customer related functions by integrating your accounting system with your point of sale activities.

RedTail Accounting adds efficiency to your operations by seamlessly integrating with RedTail POS for real time posting of transactions. Avoid unnecessary and repetitive data entry that results from maintaining two separate systems for front counter and back office functions.

General Ledger:

  • General Ledger Chart of Accounts
  • Integrated ledger accounts for all RedTail modules for automated GL posting
  • Optional group accounts for more consolidated reporting of financial statements
  • Auditing logs for entry editing



  • Bank transfers
  • Bank deposits
  • Bank deposits with ability to instantly record banking or merchant fees
  • Undeposited funds utility to manage every customer account payment from front counter to bank
  • Bank reconciliation utility for bank accounts and credit cards


Check Register:

  • Issue check payments
  • Check writer
    • Check generation w/top, middle, & bottom paper check styles
  • Manage checks and reprints
  • Void checks
  • Perform check runs


Accounts Receivable Subledger (A/R):

  • Perform house account charges
  • Manage customer account payments
  • Manage customer deposits and overpayments
  • Customer credits
  • Manage customer credit limits
  • Automated emailing of customer invoices
  • Automated customer statement runs
  • Automated emailing of customer statement runs
  • Ability to apply interest on overdue house charge accounts
  • Detailed customer account history
  • Aged reporting


Accounts Payable Subledger (A/P):

  • Maintain detailed supplier profiles
  • Perform account charges
  • Manage supplier account payments
  • Manage supplier credits
  • Supplier history
  • Aged reporting


Supplier Purchase Orders (PO):

  • Generate supplier POs
  • Receive POs into inventory with or without immediate posting to the A/P
  • Goods Received Note
    • Confirm cost of each inventory item being received while posting to the A/P


Sales Tax Remitting :

  • Configure for monthly, quarterly or annual remitting
  • Automated sales tax reporting for PST, GST, & HST


Fiscal year Close:

  • Set fiscal year
  • Ability to close out and lock reconciled accounting months