RedTail POS Inc. Service Agreement (RSSA)


Last Revised: April 1, 2021

The following documentation represents an agreement to provide service and support between RedTail POS Inc. (PROVIDER) and its customer (CUSTOMER). The agreement, known as the RedTail Service and Support Agreement (RSSA) is provided to all RedTail POS customers who have purchased an annual support plan.

Support Services:

The PROVIDER will provide unlimited support to the CUSTOMER for RedTail POS and all of its RedTail integrated modules. Support includes software installations, software configuration, software updates, hardware configuration for *POS hardware peripherals, and application functionality.

• POS Hardware peripherals defines all hardware sold by the PROVIDER or its hardware partner, Breton Technologies Limited, to the CUSTOMER. Third party purchases by the CUSTOMER are NOT supported by the PROVIDER unless such purchases were recommended by the PROVIDER.

Software Installations:

Software installations includes all releases of RedTaiLSQL Server, RedTail POS Workstation Editions, RedTail SecurePay and RedTail Connect, SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine, Oracle MySQL ODBC Driver.

Software Configuration:

Software configurations include customization of the system login, printer configuration, security setup, system defaults, station-based settings, touch menu configuration, getting started wizards and Windows Control Panel.

Software Updates:

Software updates are made available on the PROVIDER’S website at and can be either downloaded and installed by the CUSTOMER or by the PROVIDER as part of the RSSA. Software updates are made available at the sole discretion of the PROVIDER.

RedTail SecurePay:

The PROVIDER develops, deploys and maintains the online ordering system, RedTail SecurePay as an optional add-on for all RedTail POS customers. Online ordering with secure checkout services is fully integrated into RedTail POS. The CUSTOMER is provided with a secure site URL for the duration of the RSSA.


System Pricing:

General retail customer pricing is to be maintained by the CUSTOMER. Mass pricing updates can be managed by the CUSTOMER or sent to the PROVIDER in electronic format for online and on premise updating. The PROVIDER will provide assistance with the specific electronic format and requires finalized price changes 30 days prior to the pricing effective date . The CUSTOMER is responsible for approving price changes prior to live implementation.



The RSSA is automatically renewed each year by the PROVIDER. The CUSTOMER can choose not to renew the agreement with written notice provided to the PROVIDER 60 days prior to the renewal date.

Methods of Providing Support:


Service Ticketing:

The PROVIDER uses a service ticketing system embedded within the RedTail POS application. The CUSTOMER is too open a service ticket for any issue relating to RedTail and its affiliated products. The ticketing system is accessible from the Main Menu (File, Support, Contact RedTail Support). Tickets are submitted to our support team where they are triaged in accordance to the nature of the issue described on the ticket and assigned to the appropriate RedTail service representative. Response times will vary depending on the priority assigned to the ticket during triage.

Website Service Ticketing:

In the event of RedTail POS not being accessible, the CUSTOMER can open a service ticket via our POS reseller website at This is an alternative to the above mentioned method and can be useful when the CUSTOMER is not on premise. The CUSTOMER is encouraged to instruct staff whenever possible to complete a ticket through the RedTail POS ticketing system.

Email Support

General inquiries and sales inquiries are accepted by email. Email may also be used by the PROVIDER to supplement an already initiated service ticket. The CUSTOMER should NOT initiate a service request by email.

Phone Support:

Technical support is NOT available via phone. The PROVIDER will only accept incoming call pertaining t service if the CUSTOMER’s Internet service is unavailable and a service ticket cannot be initiated.  The PROVIDER will triage the service but will not be able to provide Step by Step or Screen by Screen technical support. The CUSTOMER will be instructed to open a ticket once service is restored or the PROVIDER may open a ticket on the CUSTOMER's behalf prior to rendering service.

Text Messaging:

Technical support is NOT available via text messaging. The PROVIDER will only accept text messages if the CUSTOMER’s Internet service is unavailable and a service ticket cannot be initiated. The text message does not have to contain any technical details as it should simply convey a request for service is required. The PROVIDER will triage the service and respond in accordance to the text message.

Remote Connectivity:

The PROVIDER supplies a secure remote connectivity subscription for all computers running RedTailSQL or RedTail POS (workstation modules) for the duration of the RSSA. The PROVIDER will arrange for a remote connection to resolve any issues covered under the RSSA and will work with the CUSTOMER to arrange for system access while minimizing downtime.

Site Visit:
As part of service ticketing triage process, the PROVIDER will determine whether or not a site visit is required to deliver technical support and related service. The CUSTOMER is required to be subscribed to the PROVIDER’S remote connectivity platform for the duration of the RSSA unless otherwise stated.

Response Times:

Emergency Response – the PROVIDER provides emergency technical support as immediate as possible for issues that render the CUSTOMER’s business non-functional. Such issues include but not limited to:
• Unable to Access the RedTail system
• Unable to Save Sales Orders
• Unable to Tender a Sale
• Unable to Open or Close a Sales Session
• Single printer malfunction with no backup printer available
• Cash Drawer Unable to Open
Urgent - The PROVIDER provides service and support within 4-6 hours
High Priority - The PROVIDER provides service and support within 48 hours
Medium Priority - The PROVIDER provides service and support within 7 days
Low Priority – The PROVIDER provides service and support within 7 days or more

After Hours Support:

RedTail POS operates between 8:30AM and 4:30PM, Monday to Friday. Weekend service is provided for emergency issues only. A RedTail representative must be dispatched on weekends

Hardware Support:

Hardware support is optional under the RSSA. If the CUSTOMER opts to have hard support included, the PROVIDER will repair or replace with no additional labour charges. Equipment replacements costs will remain the responsibility of the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is responsible for refreshing the RedTailSQL server with a recommended refreshment time of 4 years from the date of purchase.


  • Store owners or manager must make all staff aware of the service ticketing system and how to use it in the event service and support is required
  • Cleaning – The PROVIDER is NOT responsible for cleaning hardware and related peripherals. CUSTOMERS should keep peripherals clean and free of debris. This is particularly important for the following: Cash drawer gliders should be cleaned of debris, touch screens should be cleaned while the system is powered down using isopropyl alcohol and a soft cleaning cloth (do not use tissue or paper towel). Printers should be free of small torn pieces of paper and other debris.
  • Cash Drawer Key: A cash drawer key for every drawer in the establishment must be on hand and readily available at all times
  • Printer Supplies: Ribbons, Ink and Paper must be on hand in the establishment
  • Phone Support: Do not instruct staff to contact a RedTail representative by phone without first opening a service ticket. Phone support may be used to supplement an open service ticket. Step by Step (screen by screen) phone support is NOT provided.
  • Text Messaging: Do not instruct staff to text message a RedTail representative for service. Text messaging will only be used by the PROVIDER to supplement the service ticketing procedure.